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News items 2014

“Apology for empty seats”                                                  “Faces in the news”

“Humble act”                                                                         “Saudi acitivist”

Waterfront series.

New work in the studio
Immigrants arriving.

Here are some of the paintings from the show “Interiorem Exterioris” at Galerie Helena 2013

This is the “Mondrian variation”-series, where Anckarsvärd explores the stijl and constructivist aesthetics and works and make them his own.

The “Colour Seeing”- paintings were made with and without colour correcting contact lenses.
This experience changed a lot in Anckarsvärd’s palette, but it didn’t change the colour of his soul.


Friedrich and the german romantics inspired to make the “nightscape” images in Nocturne. We are only showing two here (out of about 50)
because they are absolutely impossible to photograph. They are made in many layers, well varnished and the darkness is such
that it takes a while for the human eye to see the richness of the dark colours. We’re, sorry but you really need to see them in person.
Previously shown at Galleri Pictura, Art-Tur and at Niklas Belenius Gallery,

Perviously Anckarsvärd would pass the dutch 17th century flower still life paintings rather swiftly.
But the habit of confronting my antipathies made him work with these motifs for several years.
Only 12 paintings and some 10 drawings came out of this investigation, but he claims to be well pleased having overcome this “neurosis”.
Previously shown at Charlottenborg Konsthall, Färgfabriken and Niklas Belenius Gallery,

The “Everyday”-news paintings started while still in college at Glasgow School of Art.
One painting was made each day for half a year , the image selected from international press.
The selection process often took longer than the painting itself.
Anckarsvärd returned to this subject matter both 2009, 2011 and 2012.
Previously shown at Konstakademien, Galleri Svenska Bilder and at Assembly Gallery (GSA)