Där floden flyter fram, 2022 (Vida Konsthall, Öland och Galleri Blå, Båstad)IMG-9113 IMG-9120 IMG-9124

IMG-9116 IMG-9122
Alléer, gläntor och floder. 2021-

The iceberg theory. 2020-ongoing.

Darkness by the river. 2020-ongoing

Ruins in Ruins, 2018-2020

New landscapes, 2016-2019.IMG_9135220x120cm




News reflections. 2006-2016

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Darker constructions, 2005-2015

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Flower confrontation, 2004-2005, 2018-2019

Perviously Anckarsvärd would pass the dutch 17th century flower still life paintings rather swiftly. However, a habit of confronting my antipathies made him work with these motifs for several years. The original paintings are rich of symbols and references. Anckarsvärd’s versions appear to have been performed swiftly yet hold the “memento mori” atmosphere close.

At the waterfront, 2000-2016

Everyday, 2000-2001

The “Everyday”-news paintings started while still in college at Glasgow School of Art. One painting was made each day for half a year , the image selected from international press. The selection process often took longer than the painting itself. Anckarsvärd returned to this subject matter both 2009, 2011 and 2012.
Previously shown at Konstakademien, Galleri Svenska Bilder and at Assembly Gallery (GSA).