Artist’s Books

Artist’s Books is something Jakob Anckarsvärd came across in Glasgow,
which has worked as a supplement to a work, a substitute for a show
and more often as a unique piece of art by it’s own right.

Below follows a list of Jakob Anckarsvärd’s artist’s books,
and artist’s books anthologies.

Himmel och Hav, Halmstad, 2013
10 Years With Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 2011
Everyday Politics, Göteborg 2011
Cambio/Change/Weschsel, Stockholm 2010
Its Not Hard, Glasgow 2008
Delta, Stockholm, 2007
Eclipse, Uppsala, 2007
Autistisk Kilskrift, Stockholm, 2006
Labyrinth, Tumba, 2006
Coracinus, Stockholm, 2006
Book of Death, Stockholm, 2006
Domestic Installations for Everyday Use, Glasgow, 2006
Passage, Stockholm, 2006
Transition, Copenhagen, 2005
Paper Project, Milano, 2005
Medicine , Glasgow, 2005
Medicin, Stockholm, 2004
Strange Attractors, Glasgow, 2003
Constructions, Glasgow, 2003
Day Drawings, Glasgow, 2003
Pocket Book, Glasgow, 2002
Studies, Glasgow, 2002
New Work, Glasgow, 2001

Next project for an artist’s book is the collaboration
From Minor to major
with Urban Larsen (Social anthropologist, Hjo).
Most books can be ordered from my two publishers:

A Shoal of Mackerel or Styx Förlag